World Autism Day


Honestly I don’t know where autism came from. It literally creeped into my life. I went from never hearing of autism to having a  cousin diagnosed  with autism to now having nearly 10 perfectly unique children that I know and Love with autism. These children all have beautiful spirits and  an abundance of gifts. Although I Love and support these children and their families every day; today in honor of World Autism Day, I am LIGHTING IT UP BLUE.


No matter what the situation, a child is never a curse, they are all blessings and should always be treated as such. When i initially found out about autism, it was as if parents were left to figure things out on their own in a sense. I have had to witness a mother’s frustration and disappointment due to teachers and doctors saying, “he will never read, write and talk . A report released last week states 1 in 68 U.S. children is identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Though the report showed a significant increase in the number of children diagnosed, this doesn’t necessarily mean the prevalence of the disorder has increased  it could mean people are getting better at identifying it.

I think that increased knowledge about autism has a lot to do with amazing parents who despite what doctors and teachers say, refuse to give up on their children.  I see how hard many mothers work to assure that their children are included and have all of the opportunities that other children have.  They don’t allow their children to live in the box that society places them in. The saying,” Love conqueror’s all”, holds true for these families because it is changing what societies knowledge about autism and adding pieces to the puzzle one milestone at a time.


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