Head Wrap


10257014_235882096616867_7043774264405296216_oI have always been in love with head wraps although I have never been able to properly wrap them.  Growing up I have always loved the pictures of the women with the African attire and the head wraps.   In my opinion, it just always added elegance to their look.  Over years, my admiration for this look has grown, along with my obsession for scarves.  Last year while on Instagram, I ran across Madinah Muhammad and the whole “Turban Life” became real to me.  Since then,  I have reached out to fellow blogger Leah several times trying to get a few tips on just how to perfect the wrap.1966034_235882066616870_3205200826950136050_o (1)

Last Sunday, I posted a selfie rocking a head wrap.  The white head wrap was apart of my all white attire for a promo shoot for P.H.A.T Girl Fresh with Kushions Plus Photography.   Since then, I have got many questions and comments about the all white attire that I was wearing but most of all, my white head wrap.  Well, it wasn’t a scarf, it was a yard of white fabric that i purchased from Joanns.  I simply covered all of my hair with the fabric, then twisted and coiled it around into the knot.  Just that easy!!!!

Breakdown of the entire look:

White suit: JcPenny’s $20.00

Glitter Loafers: JcPenny’s $15.00

P.H.A.T Girl Fresh T-shirts by yours truly( available for purchase) $18.00

White Polyester fabric: Joanns $1.50