Curvy Confidence


imageYou know What grinds my gears? When people act like a person’s size should hinder them from living out loud. When they act as though a woman’s curves mean we are restricted to dressing a certain way.  I have met those who act as if they expect me not to have a personality as big as my hips(actually bigger), all because of my size.  I have been questioned about my attire plenty of times, not because it was ugly or tacky but because someone thought That a woman of my size shouldn’t be wearing it. I have heard; girl your titties too BIG for That, Chile That is too short for them thighs and a host of other ignorant b.s. I just don’t know why it is so hard for society to except curvy confidence.


A good friend of mine, Tisa Glover recently posted pictures from a fashion. In one of the picture she was wearing swim wear by designer V Dinx. While most of us thought That Tisa was werking her curves, there was some who didn’t.  She received an inbox from a person questioning and attacking her curvy confidence.  ” Do you Really think this is cute? It is very distasteful and we as black women need to stop thinking bigger is better. You should have never allowed someone to disgrace you like this. Your breast are sagging and you have a stomach. This photo should be banned from facebook,” was the message sent to Tisa.  Tisa then very respectfully responded, ” Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I appreciate your concerns. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I love Vivian Dinkins Stith and her designs. I love my body and the skin I’m in. Thank you for downloading my pic and sharing with me. Please repost it and ask your friends to google Tisa Edge Glover. Good or bad, the more people who talk about me helps to push me closer to my destiny! Have a great day!!!! Oh and I’ll drink 2 that!”  I applaud Tisa for her response because the entire conversation could easily have gone left. I mean really who are you to say What is right and What isn’t?  Why should someone else’s clothing effect you to the point where you feel the need yo attack them?


There are so many bold beautiful women in the plus size industry who fearlessly put themselves on display for the world to see. Women who Love their curves and know exactly how to compliment them. These women have raised the bar in regards to plus size fashion and style. They are women other women look to as a guide which is  why the face of the plus size woman has changed.


No longer are we looked at as fat and frumpy women who spend all day cleaning and caring for kids and all night eating, watching tv and being lonely.  We are not a fetish or second choice. We are bold and confident enough to be and do as we please not as we are permitted. We don’t enter a room with reservation or intimidation because of our size, we walk in with authority because we know who we are and we love every ounce. We are bold, we are fierce and we are fearless.  We Love every inch of who we are and we make no apologies for any of it.


Phat Girl Fresh

Lifestyle and plus size blogger that looks at life from a feminist prospective. I promote #queenshit and encourage women to be #PHATGirlFresh


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    April 24, 2014

    I love it!!!!

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    April 25, 2014

    Great article!

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      April 25, 2014

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