Jeffree Star + Zenni Optical = Fresh To Death


For the past couple of week I have been watching the mailbox like Celie from “The Color Purple”  because I was waiting on two packages.  One of the packages was from Zenni Optical and the other was from Dolls Kills and honey I was eager to have them both in my possession.  Well, the wait is OVER!!!!!


At age 13, my first pair of glasses was a pair of red government issued specks that i had a love/ hate relationship with.  I loved them because I thought they were cute and red was my favorite color but I hated them because people always compared me to talk show host Sally Jessy Rapael.  However, I have been saying for the past two years that I wanted to get another big red pair of glasses and I recently committed to buying a pair.  I ordered them from Zenni Optical because the price was great and if I didn’t like them for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be upset because I had not sent a lot of money on them. Now anyone that knows me is fully aware that I am a glasses connoisseur and I have a grand collection to prove it.  I have Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Warby Parker glasses, just to name a few.  Although I am willing to spend the big bucks for a pair of glasses, I must admit that these are just as good.  


A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I was in search of well known makeup artist Jeffree Star‘s Velour Liquid Lipstick, I’m Royalty.  Much to my surprise, later that night, I received an email from Jeffree stating that i could find it on the Dolls Kill website.  So of course at 1 a.m. I placed my order.  1421811176637-1

I think that it is no secret that I live for a good lipstick and this one is giving me all the life I need!!!  I have been looking high and low for the ultimate purple lippie and I think that I have found it.  If you are a makeup artist, lipstick lover or just love purple lipstick, this is a must have.  However, I can’t tell you when it will be restocked or what other sites carry it because it is sold out on Dolls Kill too.

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