Barbie Turns 56!


Forget the notion that a woman never tells her age, because today we are celebrating one of our favorite girls. Today, our beloved Barbie Turns 56 years old. Despite her age, Barbie keeps up with all of the latest trends and is a vital part of many girl lives. She is the one of the few toys that have crossed and connected generations.


I begin playing with Barbie  at a young age. It was my love for Barbie that fueled the fire for fashion that I have. Over the years, I have remained a fan and as the mother of a daughter I was eager to share that love with my daughter.  When my daughter was younger we would sit on the floor and play with Barbies for hours; changing clothes, going on dates and hanging with friends. Cars, mansions and any other Barbie accessories were all a vital part of our playdates. As she got older I introduced her to another phase of my love for Barbie, collector. I have been collecting Barbie since the age of 10 years old and have a pretty good collection if I do say so myself.  When she became old enough,  it became tradition that she receive both Holiday  Barbie’s  every Christmas and that tradition will continue until she has a daughter of her own and the torch can be passed.

Today, we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBIE, and thanks for all the memories!!!


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