First off I want to say that I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Good Friday. I am sure that most of you have a full weekend of family and friends planned.  Also,  it is PHAT Girl Friday, I hope you are spreading the love to other women and being fabulous in the process.

While April is a busy month, with Easter, Spring break, Autism awareness; PHAT GIRL FRESH has to add a little more excitement to the table.  April is also the anniversary month of PHAT GIRL FRESH.  Yes, April 20th (to be exact), my baby will be two years old!!!!

In honor of this milestone,  I have several things planned.  I have partnered with three Shepreneurs( Female entrepreneurs) who will be sponsoring giveaways.  PHAT GIRL FRESH is doing a big beauty giveaway and I will have several guest bloggers.  Next week I will post the all of the information concerning the giveaways and how to qualify.  This will all lead up to the ultimate celebration of PHAT GIRL FRESH and sisterhood; PHAT GIRL FRESH presents Life Styled event which will be held on May 2, 2015 in Morrow, Georgia (Metro Atlanta area).  .

I will not overload you with all of the details today, just know that PHAT GIRL FRESH is still true at two!!  Although the brand is growing the method is still to, “Cater To Souls Of Sister” and the message is that, “Queens Connect, Not Collide!”