STYLE IS BIRTHEDWho said plus size women should shy away from certain colors and patterns? Why should we have to embrace fashion as opposed to exhibiting our own style?  What you wear should always be a reflection of the woman you are, not the woman society says you should be.  In my opinion, there should be three things that a woman factors into her attire:

1.  The occasion.

2.  How she feels.

3.  Her own personal style.



Like many of the other curvy cuties that attend The Curvy Fashionista‘s swim event at The W Hotel in Downtown Atlanta this past Sunday, my attire was very important.  From the day the event was announced, my wheels begin turning.  I am not an outdoors person at all, so I own not one swimsuit, and I haven’t for years.  However, I wanted to bring it for this event because I knew that my fellow curvy girls were going to bring that HEAT!!!

I knew that i wanted a polka dot swimsuit and I knew that I wanted the color scheme to be; black white and lime green but I was unsure of the bottom.  I contacted my friend and designer Charlie Hill of Chuck B. Moore designs to assure that she would be able to make me something for the event but it wasn’t until I went to the fabric store that I committed to the striped fabric for my skirt.  20150517_120814

The rest is history!!!!  Charlie took my scrabbled ideas and brought them to life.  This look did just what clothing is supposed to do for a woman; exhibit her style, mimic her personality and make her feel fierce.


Phat Girl Fresh

Lifestyle and plus size blogger that looks at life from a feminist prospective. I promote #queenshit and encourage women to be #PHATGirlFresh


  1. Connie Williams

    May 20, 2015

    You looked Amazing lady & the lipstick really set it all off!!!❤️

    • iamphatgirlfresh

      May 20, 2015

      Thanks so much Connie.

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