2016 Life Styled Honorees

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2016 Life Styled Honorees If you know me, you know that I am super excited about today. Yes, it is Friday and I am totally here for that but that is not the reason for my excitement. Today is the day that I can finally share with you the 2016 Life Styled honorees.

Every year, PHAT Girl Fresh host a celebration in May.  While the event is to commemorate the anniversary of the brand, the overall consensus is and always will be celebrating womanhood and women who exhibit the characteristics of a woman who is; Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True (PHAT).

These are women who have successfully built brands for themselves and who use their platforms as a way to elevate other women as well.  They see the significance in the growth of the entire queendom and without hesitation, they do what is needed to assure it.

The Life Styled Honors were born from that credence that a woman’s style will always allow her to stand out; be it in terms of fashion or everyday living. While we all encounter similar circumstances in life, the manner in which we approach and handle those circumstances set us apart. However, it is my belief that we can learn from the way that other women chose to style their lives.

Whether it is life or fashion, a woman’s style is many times a source of inspiration for other women, as it should be. The 2016 Life Styled honorees are women who have been great sources of inspiration. That inspiration has motivated not only for myself but for countless others, to live to their fullest potential. Due to this and so much more… I SALUTE THEM!

Ty Alexander, curator of Gorgeous In GreyTy Alexander of Gorgeous In Grey


Nisha Glenn, Founder of Educated Girls RockFounder of Educated Girls Rock, Nisha Glenn

Mariah Huq, Executive producer/star of Married To The MedicineMariah Huq of Married To The Medicine

Kim McCarter, strategic brand stylist for female entrepreneurs.Kim McCarter, Strategic Brand stylist

Carmen Caldwell, Founder of Life Fulfilled Coaching and ConsultingCarmen Caldwell, Founder of Life Fulfilled Coaching and Consulting

Chante Burkett, Curator of Everything Curvy and ChicChante Burkett of Everything Curvy and Chic

*SCREAMS* I can’t wait to celebrate these queens!! Wouldn’t you agree that these are an amazing group of women?  Let me know what you think, chime in ladies!



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