The Face of FFFWeek 2016 JasThe closer we get to FFFWeek 2016 the more exciting it gets for all of us who love this event. Many of us are counting down the days and selecting our looks (we have to slay) as I type this post. With select tickets available for purchase, the final model casting being held on home base this weekend and “The Face” competition coming to a close; it is obvious that it is about that time. Yes! You read correctly, “The Face” of Full Figured Fashion Week competition has come to a close. We have yet another beautiful woman to add to the event’s prestigious group. After following the competition and watch ALL of the videos, I know the selecting a winner was hard and I don’t envy them at all. However, the judges stayed the course and selected the right woman for the job. That woman is none other than Jasmine Okoli. Jasmine is a Southen Belle who hails from Dallas, Tx but is currently a resident of “The Windy City (Chicago).” She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where she received honors in dual degrees of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Pre-Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts in African and African American Studies. Jasmine is also passionate about servicing others and is an advocate of children and senior citizens. It is no secret that I live for a woman who defies the odds and greet adversity with a smile, Jasmine seems to be one of those women. In the aftermath of losing her father to cancer in 2013, Jasmine found the courage to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Prior to submitting her entry for “The Face” of FFFWeek, Jasmine was already preparing and laying a foundation by using her gifts. The use of those gifts have allow Jasmine to be featured in a number of prominent blogs including Black Bride, MunaLuchi Bride, Jane Deux, and Lulu Lopez Photography. Personally, I am excited to see what Jasmine brings to the table as she has great shoes to fill as “The Face” of Full Figured Fashion Week 2016. I am sure that she is up for the task and I know that all of the former Face competition winners are open to supporting her in any way. Ladies, help me welcome Jasmine Okoli as the 2016 “Face” of Full Figured Fashion Week Jasmine Okoli

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