Why My Woman Crush Wednesday Is Me… Illustrated! 

 I love art! I have had the pleasure of viewing some great pieces in my life. If I were financial capable my home would be filled with some of the dopest and most interesting art ever. However since I am on the come up, I will just admire for now. As a lover of art it is so great to see so many artist sharing great work via social media. I am especially in love with curvy art because most of it is a beautiful depiction of a group that is often not celebration.

Until now, had only been illustrated twice; once by Fashionlistically_Speaking and once by JonquelArt. Both of these work were amazing to say the least and now I have another amazing body of work to add to my collection. My new beautiful illustration is by the talented  Eduardo Santas.

Eduardo is a Brazillan artist known to the world as Edull. Edull began designing in 2010. For 3 years he created patterns for fabrics, and now he works as a freelance illustrator with a concentration on plus size women.     Art by Edull

To say that Edull is talented is an understatement and lord knows he gave me life. How could I not be crushing on myself… illustrated? But listen, it isn’t just me; he has used his gifts to bring many curvy cuties to life. Check out some of his amazing work below. Art by Edull

” I use my knowledge of fashion, design and illustration to create my paintings.”

Art by Edull

” My inspiration is the diversity we have here my country. You can find all kind people in Brazil.”

Art by Edull

“What I want to say in my paintings is that the plus size woman can do what she want.”

Pretty cool huh ladies? She looks just like me, don’t you think? Chime in and tell me what you think.

You can check our more of Edull work HERE !