PHAT Girl Friday Spotlight: Trices Pieces

HEY BOO HEY, HAPPY PHAT GIRL FRIDAY! Latrice Freeman of Trices Pieces

By now you all know that I mean what I say when I say, “I hoard dope women!” Yes, I seek them, I meet them and I keep them! I do this because as a woman who loves my gender and desires to empower those who share the same gender, I feel that it is vital to have positive relationships with women who are doing amazing things. I am not talking about women who work hard for themselves only, I am talking about women who have made it their business to enrich the lives of other women as well. In my opinion, anyone can go higher with a little (or a lot) hard work but it takes a special woman to work hard to go to the next level and carry a few of her sisters with her. It is no secret that we are capable of making one another better by sharing our live and our truths. Some of those truths are pretty and polished and some of them are ugly but they are are tools that promote growth.

Today I am so excited to introduce you to a woman that I have known for years, Latrice Freeman. She and I are from the same home town and I have literally watched her grow into the phenomenal woman that she is today. Latrice is a woman who has found a healthy balance in life and is branding that knowledge to show  women how to do the same. As a wife, mother and a member of the working class, Latrice’s life show women that being faithful, fit and fashionable are all attainable.Latrice Freeman of Trices Pieces

Her fashion blog Trices Pieces provides fashion inspiration for all women. Her style shows women that dressing a curvy body with class is not as hard as it seems. Now don’t get it twisted, curvy is not always plus and Latrice is proof of that. What I like most is that not too many curvy black women (who aren’t celebrities) are talking about high end brands but she does. I think that in sharing her style, she speaks to a genre of women that not many cater to and you know I am here for that.

In addition to her fashion blog, Latrice has a fitness blog called Get Fit Get Fine. Get Fit Get Fine exhibit ways that women can exercise and eat clean in the comforts of their own homes. She doesn’t promote any type of dietary supplements, her belief is that you just have to allow your body to do what it does. For me, this really spoke to me because not every woman has the time or money to commit to going to the gym but we all can find a way to do certain things at home. Her videos provide insight, instruction and inspiration that all women can learn from. As a woman who has struggled with my weight most of my life, I am able to appreciate someone bringing something to the table that is real.


Of course you know I asked Latrice to share her PHAT truth with us, check out what she said in her own words:

LATRICE’S P.H.A.T TRUTH Latrice Freeman of Trices Pieces


I am most passionate about a continuous growth in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I find it amazing how passionate you can be about your husband and kids, yet if your relationship with Jesus is lacking–nothing else works no matter how hard you may try to force it. When I’m steadily loving and accepting my acceptance from Him, I’m more free in life.


What makes me most happy is being able to experience an equilibrium in my everyday activities. I’m very keen on managing my time as efficiently as possible. Whenever I can take on any duties or obstacles that come my way, yet still balance, I am very much happy and at peace.


I appreciate life itself, but what I most appreciate about it is great relationships and fellowships. It’s very tough to find good people much less Christians to be in good company with. I love everyone, but wholeheartedly believe in being in the presence of a person(s) that can refuel you with goodness when you when you’re on empty and vice versa.


How I remain true to myself and others? I literally pray for God to order my steps daily. In this world, lies and deceit are inevitable when faced with so many different scenarios daily. I always try to remember one main thing–Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I expect great things, so that’s what I try my best to do for others.Latrice Freeman of Trices Pieces

I am totally here for this amazing woman and all that she brings to the table. It is so refreshing to have a woman share so much of herself with the understanding that her growth and transition is just as beneficial to others. It is vital that women know and see that life doesn’t stop because you are a wife and mother, you are capable of being fabulous in the midst of it all.

You have to agree that Latrice is indeed and amazing woman, fueled by passion. Be share to like, follow and share her journey and the inspiration that she provides other woman.