Life In Style: Stepping Out With Audrianna Cobb

Hey babes and beaus, happy Wednesday!

Stepping Out founder Audrianna CobbSince today is Wednesday and we all know we share our girl crushes on Wednesday, I decided to introduce you to one of my faves. Now unless you have been under a rock that was under an even bigger rock, you know that I am a woman’s woman. One of my claims to fame is that “I hoard dope ass women” because nothing is more amazing than a woman who unapologetically lives life and pursues her dreams with passion. Now when that amazing woman is a woman of color who challenges adversity although the deck is stacked against her and she is empowered and committed to empowering other women and girls, that is magical!

Today’s Life In Style shout out goes to Ms. Audrianna Cobb, a young woman worthy of a million crushes this Wednesday. Ms. Cobb is a teacher at Daja’s school, Monroe Comprehensive High where she is a favorite among staff, students and parents. She is a U.S History teacher who has managed to create a non-traditional style of teaching our country’s past that is relevant to her students presently. She is also a coach for the Monroe High Cheerleaders, the most lit squad… PERIODT (in Miss Cobb’s voice)!

As a parent of a teenage girl, I know the importance of young women like Miss Cobb. I understand that our girls need to see young women they can relate to living their best lives because that feeds their potential. I know that no matter how dope I am and despite the love and respect Daja has for me, she can’t fully relate to me. The age difference sets us apart, and the fact that I am her mother (and not one of her lil friends, LOL) is another factor that plays a part in her inability to relate to me and fully absorb my life lessons now. This is why I thank God she has a woman like Miss Cobb in her life.

While other young women Miss Cobb’s age (26 years old) are preparing for or recovering from a night out, she is mentoring the young ladies in her organization “Stepping Out Girls“,  getting her praise on at church or booed up with her fiance. Yeah, she is definitely far from average, and everyone who knows her is crystal clear on that.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to her “Stepping Out Girls” about life and my experiences as a social influencer. I shared my story of how I transitioned from graduating from high school while sleeping in a car with my mom to having more than 100,000 social media followers and producing a sold-out event. I partnered with my photographer Patrick Dillon, and he snapped professional photos of the girls which they enjoyed. Spending that time with Miss Cobb and the girls further confirmed what I already knew, she is dope AF, and she loves each of the girls equally via their unique relationship.

This woman of Delta Sigma Theta is #BlackGirlMagic and BlackGirlJoy personified. Oh, and did I mention she is a graduate of my beloved Albany State University? Yep, Audrianna Cobb is an entire vibe… PERIODT!

Stepping Out founder Audrianna Cobb