PHAT Girl Friday with Sabrina Servance, co-star of Big Women: Big Love

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with one of the lovely co-stars of Lifetime‘s nee docusoap, Big Women: Big Love. Everything about this curvy cutie is BIG, starting with her amazing personality all the to her shapely figure.  This is why the PHAT Girl Friday spotlight is on Sabrina Servance.

 Sabrina Servance,  is a 31 year old stylist from New York that enjoys being the life of the party.  Her strong yet bubbly personality immediately connected me to her and I was able to tell that she was indeed, my type of girl.  Being that I am a “chatty Cathy” and so is she, we could have easily spent hours talking because we have so much in common.  We share a love of fashion, beauty and strive to uplift the female gender.  She loves to wear graphic tees, high low skirts, jackets and bow ties.  While she loves makeup especially eye shadow and lives for the right tube of red lipstick, she stresses the importance of women taking care of their skin. Sabrina describes herself as a nerd which is something that I can appreciate because I too am a “nerd girl.”

unnamed (4)As we spoke about the show, Sabrina stated, filming was hard but she enjoyed every moment.  The show allows the audience to see the ups and downs that many curvy women endure while dating.  She would not give me much tea about her dating and rather or not she found love during the show. However, I know dating can’t be easy for her being the “baby girl(and only girl) in a family with two older brothers.  Most of all, Sabrina’s goal is to show women who are in pursuit of love or just living life……….

“It is okay to be who you are, despite your size or what others may think?”

10300206_10154937479740581_7846354311468902925_nBig Women: Big Love” (#BigWomenBigLove) will premiere on New Year’s Day, Thursday, January 1, at 10pm ET/PT.  “Big Women: Big Love” examines the lives of five plus-sized women as they navigate the tricky waters of the turbulent and sometimes harsh dating scene, struggling through bad dates and worse judgments. Shining a light on a group of women who are rarely the focus of TV cameras, the show provides a unique point of view on their experiences in love and life.

I will be tuned in to the show not only to support Sabrina and the other curvy cuties but to support the show. There is not enough size diversity or positive shows on television which is why it important that we support this show. The curvy community is large and in charge and we have the potential and power to make a difference in the world around us.