Fashion Playhouse Recap

wpid-fb_img_1427131278393.jpgLast Saturday Lavender’s Jungle presented their first self produced fashion show, The Fashion Playhouse.  To say this highly anticipated show was great is a understatement.  It is no secret to most of us that Lavender’s Jungle designer, La’krisha Baker and her wife Sherry combined have a wealth of knowledge and skill under their belt, this show did nothing more than further confirm that.  The show was a huge success, the best that I have attended in the south.  It was consistent, it was fun,it was engaging and most of all, it was fierce.  490493470

As I stated leading up to the show, the queendom was coming out in support and that is exactly what happened.  Aside from their families making the trip, queens traveled from all over just to be in attendance at this amazing event and boy was it worth the trip.  There were so many amazing people in the building the vibe was so positive and up beat.  Women who had only met via social media were hugging and taking selfies like old friends.  Everyone that was in attendance came dressed to impress and impress is what they did.  Some dressed in there Lavender’s Jungle while others exhibited their style from other fashion outlets.  However, despite the source, they SLAYED!!!!!490533309

The show consisted of 5 acts, all which fused fashion and performing arts.  Below you will find examples of those scenes.

ACT 1:  The Dottie Collection11082584_939897182717433_8846732594057229445_nACT 2: The Thirst Collection

10451649_939902809383537_7257745648773540087_nACT 3: The Preppy Girl Swag Collection

ACT 4: The Wet Collection


ACT 5:  The Ball Collection


Aside from the fun and fashion, I left this show feeling so happy and inspired.  I know that this has been a dream of the Lavender’s Jungle family for a while, for them to finally be able to present it to the world is a true testament of their faith and patience.  It is a realization of what can happen when you set goals and stay focused.  We are all as big as we dream and Lavender’s Jungle is without question HUGE!!!!!




  1. March 31, 2015 / 7:47 am

    Excellent pody. You captured The Lavender Jungle Playhouse Fashion Show very well. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your pics. I was there in attendance and you looked Beautiful! Thank you