Kinda Like A Big Deal

Whoop Whoop!!!! Happy PHAT Girl Friday!presenting

Hopefully you had the chance to read my blog post on the Gorgeous In Grey website or watch my broadcast on Periscope, yesterday. However, for those who haven’t let me back up. Both were in response to the “Rock The Crop Top” movement.

The movement begin following an article in O Magazine in which a reader asked the question, “can I pull off a crop top?” While the question is one that is frequently asked the editor’s response was what got us PHAT Girls all stirred up. The editor responded by saying:

“If (and only If) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one. For more coverage, layer a top over a longer shirt as shown in look two”.

*SIDE EYE* Now I am not going to beat a dead horse, I have spoke on it twice publicly and I am done with that portion of it. However, I do want to take the time to address my curvy girls because I feel that it is important that we support one another.

Ladies, be encouraged! Know that you are amazing despite what society says. Your flaws attribute directly to your fabulousness and no matter what…..DO YOU! It is sad that in an imperfect world, we are put down for not being perfect. You can wear whatever you want! Society can make us feel self-conscious about what we’re wearing when it shouldn’t. If you want to, you can Read more about plus size outfit ideas here. You might find a style that makes you feel comfortable.

To hell with the notion that we are anything short of great. To hell with the thought that we have to get our weight down to get our weight up. We are kinda like a big deal, correction we are a big deal( literally), and that is a fact!!!

In yesterday’s post I shared pictures of bloggers rocking their crop tops but today, I want to share photos of other curvy women from different walks of life who are not afraid to say to hell with society’s beauty standards and go there. Check out the story that theses 7 women tell about curvy women………. Do you agree?

1.Hips Don’t Lie!!!SABRINA

2. Cute and comfortable can dwell in the same space!11717239_10206077784855485_1934815422_n

3. Our curves have no color restrictions!PLUSLIFEQUEEN

4. Curvy girls do wear bikinis……WELL!


5. Curves create the best silhouette!TELETHIAP

6. Work or play, Curvy girls always slay!XXIAMCOURTNEYNICOLEXX