How Curvy Girls Slay The Not So Little Black Dress

How Curvy Girls Slay The Not So Little Black DressCoco Chanel is credited with creating  little black dress in the 1920’s.  It was intended to be long-lasting,versatile, affordable and accessible, which it was.  Over 90 years later;the little black dress still boast all of those characteristics that it was intend to. It is and will forever be a timeless staple in fashion.

There are certain items that every girl should have in her closet and the little black dress is on of those things. The little black dress makes fabulous seem darn near effortless, whether you choose to dress it up or down, you can’t go wrong. For gaudy girl (like me), the little black bandage dress is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to accessorize like Mr. T is your stylist.

I actually own several in different styles of little black dresses because you never can have too much black, there is no such thing as too many clothes and a girl deserves options… right? Lately, I have been getting a lot of inspiration from my curvy girls on Instagram, some choose to be classy, they want to “dress it up and make it look good” while others are casual. However, despite what they did, they did it big (pun intended).

    1. Yes honey, this is just so playful yet sassy!

2. Somebody grab a cape because this look is SUPER CUTE, paired with the blinged out sneakers.

3. A little mermaid realness for you…

4. A quilted faux leather skater dress, I sure would!

5. A little black dress is great with a pop of color, this red shoe is really setting things off.

6. I know you see that this fur vest gave this little black dress new life!

7. Even that black fur coat adds life…

8. Now isn’t this lace dress so cute and classy?

Is it me or are my breasts and stomach basically smiling at the camera? See, even they love this @lanebryant dress!! Silly. I know. Can’t take myself too seriously… But in actuality I do love this dress. And if you’re still looking for something for New Years maybe a good match for you? Thinking back there was a time I never would have worn this. With all my “stuff” clearly visible. These days, I dress for myself. I wear things that I enjoy, that make me feel pretty. I have stopped worrying about the pieces of me that jiggle. I just.. live. And, sure, not every day feels like a winner and, of course, there are times when I doubt myself. But doubt is human. And when I do, I recognize the feelings and then redirect them. So yes, smiley – face body and all, I love this dress! #plussizefashion #plussizeblogger #psootd #psfashion #plussize #psbloggers #dashandbash #lanebryant

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9. This is so me, The bomber paired with combat boots and a hoodie…Yes ma’am Pam!

10. Yes, this fur stole really took this basic dress and turned it up a notch or two, maybe 3!

11. Like I said before, the right addition to a little black dress is a game changer.

12. Sometimes you totally have to dress it up and make it look good for em!

13. Don’t be afraid to show a whole lot of skin!

14. Sometimes, you little black dress doubles as your freakem dress and this is one of those times.

CAGED #popupplus

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15. Never be afraid to go there ladies!

What are you thoughts on the little black dress ladies? Will you be rocking one to a New Years Eve party tomorrow? Chime in ladies, I want to know what you think.

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