PHAT Girl Friday Spotlight: Miss Diva Kurves, Francie Maupin

Hey Girl Hey! Happy PHAT Girl Friday!

Francie Maupin, Miss Diva KurvesI recently decided to start doing the PHAT Girl Friday spotlights again. I think that it is an important part of my platform because just like the Life Styled Honors, it allows women the opportunity to learn about one another on a more personal level. This is something that I am very passionate about because I know that there is so much growth and knowledge that we can obtain from one another.

This week I want to reintroduce you to a young lady that I met in 2014 while preparing for the very first PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event. She was print modeling and working as a makeup artist while attending college but her aspirations were so much greater. She ripped the runway for the first time that May during my show (you should have known I was gonna snatch her up) and she was a crowd favorite. However, that wasn’t the end of our connection.

I love to meet women (especially younger women) who are not afraid to go against the grain and live out loud, and that is exactly the type of person she is. When she and I talked, you would have thought she was bipolar the way she switched from one goal to the next with her level of excitement becoming greater and greater. She made me excited and confident that she would do big things no matter what.


I don’t know who coined the phrase, “When life throws you curves, you betta werk” but Francie Maupin listened and did just that. This kurvy diva who recently obtained a Masters in Clinical Counseling is definitely working and werking (yeah, there is a difference). Since making her acquaintance in 2014, Francie has created a brand and grown a following you wouldn’t believe.

She is known all over social media as Miss Diva Kurves and the Miss Diva Kurves brand has give birth to; The Diva Kurves Collection and The Kurves Calendar (yeah, In less than 2 years). 2016 Kurves Calendar

I recently asked Francie to share with us her truth in regards to being PHAT (passionate, happy, appreciative and true) and this is what the Kurvy queen with matching brains and beauty had to say:



I have so many big dreams and big plans. I am passionate about so many things! I am very passionate about learning both professionally and personally. Within any field there will always be room for growth. I am passionate about collaborating instead of competing so that I’m consistently learning, gaining new perspectives or even sharing knowledge with others in my industry. I am passionate about being a leader in my industry and impacting women all over the world; encouraging them to love themselves for who God designed them to be. I’m passionate about my financial success and being able to live comfortable as an entrepreneur as well as be able to provide my son with the best opportunities and useful life experiences. Aligning my work with my passions is so important to my professional success!


Being able to look at myself and love myself for who I am, flaws and all, without the need to seek approval from others makes me authentically happy. Looking at everything that I have accomplished and knowing that I did it on my own, makes me happy. Waking up every day makes me happy!


I am most appreciative of the setbacks I have faced in life that have formed me and made me a stronger person. These experiences transformed my way of thinking and made me who I am today.


I feel that if you truly love and know yourself, it doesn’t take much effort to be true to yourself. I never pretend to be someone that I’m not in order to gain acceptance. What you see is what you get. I don’t let others define me or make decisions for me. What you see on my social media is who I truly am. Everything about my online persona is very much reflective of my offline persona. I aspire to inspire and staying transparent will help the women that I inspire. When you do things that are not a reflection of you, you couldn’t possibly be happy and life is too short for me not to be happy!

Miss Diva Kurves


Is it just me or is Francie everything and don’t we just love her kurvy confidence? Chime in ladies and show Miss Diva Kurves some love!



  1. January 18, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    We’re can I buy that Bra set on that model on True

    • January 19, 2016 / 6:05 pm

      I think the set is from LiviRae Lingerie.

  2. Brittany
    May 23, 2016 / 10:38 pm

    Any suggestions on where i can purchase anGala/Ball Gown ??