PHAT Girl Friday Spotlight: Flight Of The Fat Girl


Cynthia of Flight Of The Fat Girl  You know it is always good to meet and familiarize yourself with women from different walks of life. Since I started the PHAT Girl Fresh blog, I have been able to do this more, via social media.

One great woman that I found and connected with while cruise around the internet is Cynthia of Flight Of The Fat Girl . After a little inbox chat and following her super dope plus size fashion blog, how could I not make this curvy cutie from Canada one of my blogger boos?

If you have not had the opportunity to check her out, you are missing out because her style is amazing and she oozes curvy confidence. Cynthia of Flight Of The Fat Girl

I recently asked Cynthia to share with us her truth about being PHAT (Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True) and this is what she had to say:



I’m most passionate about family. Everything I do revolves around my fam. Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the everyday mom/wife grind, but at the end of the day, I don’t know where I’d be without them. Fashion and good food are definitely tied for second place!


There are so many things that make me happy, but a handful stand out. I love blogging!!! It truly fills me with happiness to know that people are enjoying and getting inspired to love themselves through my photos and writing! Travel is also something I love! At any moment I’d drop anything for a week on the beach with a cold drink in my hand. (I seriously need to move somewhere warm!!!)


I’m most appreciative of the support I receive from my family, friends, and of course, my followers! It took me a really long time to get to a place where I felt confident, and able to really love myself and my body, and the support of everyone around me has played a huge role in that!


Staying true to myself and others comes pretty naturally. All the realness I deal with day in, day out (and by realness, I mean all the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes along with raising four kids), is very humbling. Also, no matter what happens in life, my past experiences with low self esteem will always keep my feet on the ground and remind me that I’m still that same girl who used to come home crying everyday wishing she could trade bodies with somebody else, only now, I love mine, and I hope to serve as proof to those who are still struggling and don’t think it could ever be possible, that it is, and it gets so much better!!!Cynthia of Flight Of The Fat Girl

Chime in ladies, have you checked out Flight Of The Fat Girl, if so what are your thoughts and if you haven’t what are you waiting for?