Hey beauties, happy PHAT Girl Friday!Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh

I know that you have heard a thousand times that variety is the spice of life. While you may be tired of hearing it, you can’t deny the fact that it is the truth. No one is here for doing the same things day in and day out, that is a horrible way to exist in a world that has so much to offer. You must be willing to spice things up a bit; even if it is not routine, mixing things up from time to time never hurt anyone (well it never hurt me)! Truth is, no matter how you look at life or what area of life you want to discuss, you will find that adding a little flavor and stirring the pot provides great results.

Just like anything else in life, you must be willing to mix things up in regards to fashion. Now you know I am not afraid to do that because like I have told you before, I wear what I want! Forget following rules, that is boring and I don’t do boring in everyday living and I damn sure don’t do it with fashion!

Last month after paying for another week at that damn hotel, I had a little money left over and all I could hear was Dae Dae (even though I thought he was Future) and that damn money machine in my head. So yeah, I decided to “spend it!” I made a purchase from eShakti for a few goodies that I had been eyeballing. Yeah, I was supposed to be saving but I needed just a little retail therapy and I caught a sale (insert Kanye shrug).


When I finally received the skirt, I ordered from eShakti (yep it took a while for one of my pieces to come), it came with two scarves since it was tardy (for the party). One of the scarves was the same pattern as the skirt, the other had polka dots. So, when It was time to create a look to shoot with my photographer, I decided to mix things up and pair my striped skirt with my polka dot scarf.Maui Of PHAT Girl Fresh

Yeah, I know… stripes and polka dots don’t go together per society. However, again I say… I WEAR WHAT I WANT AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO MIX THINGS UP!




Red Bralette: Torrid

Stripe Skirt: eShakti

Black Faux Leather Jacket: Ashley Stewart

Black Wedge: Torrid

Polka Dot Scarf: eShakti

Betsy Johnson Clutch: TJMAXX

So, what are you doing this weekend? Hopefully your mixing things up in your own way and living life to the fullest!

*Photos by: P Dillon Photography