The Heat Is On, Thanks To The E.G.O Boutique’s Summertime Fine Collection

Hey ladies, happy PHAT girl Friday!

Summertime Fine By EGO Boutique

I don’t know where you are in the world but I am in South Georgia and saying it is hot is an understatement. Our temperatures have soared pass 100 degrees for several days. It is literally like living in a sauna. I have watched the news and it seems that there is a spike in temperatures all over the United States. I know that scientist and weather analyst have their theories about why it is so hot but I have my own theory and it isn’t global warming!


Listen honey, The E.G.O Boutique’s owner Yolanda Ann just released photos of her rocking the latest addition to her “Summertime Fine” collection and baby they are… HOT! It is no wonder the south is experiencing an epic heat wave. Not only are the additional pieces sexy and trendy but Miss Yolanda Ann is serving up some major curves.

For years now, The E.G.O Boutique has been known for providing plus size women with amazing fashion options. The owner has never been afraid to push the envelope to assure that plus size women slay whatever scene they step onto; even if that means creating custom pieces. The Houston Texas based boutique’s fashion has graced many runways including FFFWeek and the one at the PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event for two consecutive years.Summertime Fine By EGO Boutique

I can’t lie, I am really tripping on Yolanda’s body because my sister friend recently gave birth to a precious baby boy. However, the snapback is real because her curves couldn’t be more on point than they are now and her presentation of this “Summertime Fine” collection is proof of that.

The “Summertime Fine” collection is for confident plus size women who love their curves and aren’t afraid to flaunt them. The collection is one that has pieces that are colorful and playful but oh so sexy. I love this collection because it is bold and it requires bold women to rock it. You know I am always here for women (especially plus size) being bold enough to wear what they want.

Check out the entire collection below and tell me what you think. Oh and do yourself a favor, enjoy the heat from the cool comforts of your home by doing a little (or a lot) of online shopping with The E.G.O Boutique.



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  1. Yolanda Ann
    July 21, 2017 / 12:29 pm

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!