MY STYLE JOURNAL: How I Slayed The #TCFStyleExpo

Hey PHAT Girls, happy Friday!

Finally the weekend is here and I know you have big plans. If you don’t you should because I know that you have earned a turn up or two and a little or a lot of shopping. If you checked none of the above, just chill suh! We all deserve some me time and I don’t know about you but for me, me time is one of my favorite forms of self-care. 

Because life has been happening at the speed of light, I have neglected to add a few fashion entries into MY STYLE JOURNAL. However, today I am adding some of my latest looks in an effort to inspire my fat girls to slay fashion and show their individual style. 

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of attending and being a part of the TCFStyle Expo. The event was great and I was honored to meet so many amazing women and men who support myself and the PHAT Girl Fresh brand. In addition to meeting so many individuals, I was excited to spend time with my blogger baes and other influencers like Gwen DeVoe, Tamara Iveyl and Susan Moses. 

One of the highlights of the TCFStyle Expo was being able to present the Styled IV Life workshop with my girl, Shaina Harrison. We presented the workshop to a ballroom full of curvy fashionistas who were eager to talk openly about fashion and how they style their lives as plus size women. Not only did the workshop prove to be both informative and enjoyable for attendees but as facilitators Shaina and I learned and enjoyed also. 

View photos from the “STYLED IV LIFE” Workshop below. 

Now you know that I had to come correct in terms of style and fashion because this event was all about the curvy fashionistas. There were style influencers, models and everyday women from all over the world in attendance committed to slaying. While I wanted to bring my A game, I have to tell you that comfort was vital because both days consisted of tons of walking and standing. 

I have to tell you that I was proud of myself for stepping out of the box and wearing pants and a crop top. I know, that is not a big deal… right? No, it isn’t for some but for a fat girl who is hella self conscious about her big belly, it damn sure is. I have never been bold enough to go there until that moment and I did it to prove to fat apple shaped women like me that there is always a way to slay! 

Anywho, check me out and tell me what you think!  



Fuchsia Circle Dress: Christian Omeshun

Black and Gold Scandal (SOLD OUT): Torrid (Similar) 

Friday Night Mixer

Maui Bigelow Of PHAT Girl Fresh

Red Wrap Dress: The Wendy S. Collection

Black Mandela Scandal: Chinese Laundry on Amazon



Maui Bigelow Of PHAT Girl Fresh

White Wide Leg Pant Suit: Wendy S. Collection 

Red Chunky Heel Sandal: Amazon Fashion