“Wherever you are in the journey, this is your time to show up and style out!”  Mikki Taylor

Maui Bigelow of Phat Girl Fresh

I know that most of you can relate to the fact that being a woman comes with great responsibility. From the time we are old enough to comprehend, girls begin receiving certain instructions. These instructions are a way of conditioning us to be phenomenal women, according to society’s standards ( insert Tamar eye roll). However, none of these instructions educate girls on the importance of their greatest responsibility… Themselves!


Like me, many of you entered into womanhood thinking our voices weren’t important; because according to society, we were to be seen and not heard. We thought that our feelings weren’t important; because they instructed us to love and nurture in spite of and without expectations.

Some of these instructions are the reason we celebrate others but shy away from speaking our own greatness. They are the reason we cling to broken situations like that relationship that should have been over years ago and toxic friendships! Those instructions are why we think that our joy is hidden in the success of our children, husbands and other loved ones. Oh and, before you get it twisted, I’m not saying you shouldn’t find joy in your loved ones being happy and healthy… I’m just saying you should be the main source of your joy… GOD AND YOU!

Ladies, understand this… your good life, begins with you! Your love and appreciation for yourself determines how you live and who you attract. This is your responsibility to you! The more you exercise that responsibility, the more joyous your life will become.

Maui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh

I know, some of you are saying, “easier said than done” and my response is… DAMN RIGHT! It took me nearly 30 years to show up for myself and I still struggle occasionally. Why? Because just like athletes condition their bodies, our minds have been conditioned. Don’t believe me, do a little inventory! Check the generations of women in your family. I bet you will find that mama, grandma, great grandma and auntie showed up for everyone consistently but failed to show up for themselves repeatedly.

Today, as a 40 year old single mother, I understand that if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! And although It may sound a bit selfish, I now show up and exercise my responsibility to myself first. If this means Daja doesn’t get the latest Jordan’s when they drop because I am buying a beautiful dress from Jibri or they go kicking and screaming to their father’s house for a few days so I can have some me time… SO BE IT!Maui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh


Oh and, speaking of Jibri… when you show up, STYLE OUT! And while the way you exhibit your style through fashion is important, it takes a back seat when to the importance of styling your life! Because there is nothing more in style than a woman who is responsible for herself and who refuses to dumb herself down!


So yeah girl, to all the moms, Happy Mother’s Day! Remember to celebrate you! And if you aren’t a mother… still celebrate you because it is your responsibility!


Maui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh


Maui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh

Mustard/Cream maxi dress: Jibri

Olive green strappy sandal (similar): AmazonMaui B. of PHAT Girl Fresh



  1. Robin
    May 12, 2018 / 10:42 am

    Love-Love-Love that dress (and you look gorgeous in it)! Checking out Jibri right now!

  2. June 4, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    Love this dress!!!